Drs. Burnett & Hubbard Eye Care Products

Your ability to see well with your new eyewear goes beyond your eye examination at Burnett and Hubbard Eyecare.  We carefully select the appropriate lens for you depending on how you will use your glasses.  We only use lens products with the very best optical quality.  Lens manufacturers including Essilor, Varilux, Carl Zeiss, Hoya, Sola and Younger provide us a range of products to meet every patient’s needs in single vision, bifocals, trifocals, seamless bifocals and progressive lenses.   We consider any and all of the following in helping you decide what provides you the clearest vision that also fits your budget.   BEGINNING IN THE WINTER OF 2013, WE WILL BE OFFERING THE ESSILOR VISA OFFICE “S” SERIES LENSES WHICH OFFER “LIMITLESS VISION”, INCLUDING “4D” TECHNOLOGY.  4D TECHNOLOGY IS A REVOLUTION IN PERSONALIZATION, INCORPORATING THE NEWEST IN LENS TECHNOLOGY.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality and value in eyewear.  We offer a wide range of eyeglass frames that will suit your budget, while still providing one-year warranties against manufacturing defects.  Come take a look at your options from manufacturers such as Silhouette, Aspex, Bolle, Charmant, Fysh, Kliik, Liberty, Luxottica, Manhattan, Marchon, Marcolin, Revolution, Safilo, Signature, Tura, Ultra Palm, Viva, Altair, Continental, Hart, and Kenmark just to name a few…

We love to work with contact lenses, and we especially strive to find contact lens success for patients who have tried to wear contact lenses before and stopped wearing them due to dryness, discomfort or poor vision.  We enjoy being able to introduce every patient who wants to wear contacts to the best contact lens experience possible!  There are fewer and fewer reasons not to be able to wear contacts lenses as new developments in contact lens technology have made contacts more comfortable while providing excellent vision.